All our trees and shrubs are balled, burlapped, and bound within study wire baskets to provide optimal root ball size and stability. We use German-made Optimal Trees Spades with concave blades that form root balls containing 20% more lateral roots. Root ball size is determined by the caliper (diameter) of the tree’s trunk 6-8 inches from the ground. The chart below provides an estimation of typical Pineco tree and shrub heights, root ball dimensions and weights.

SpeciesHeightCaliperRootball Dia.Rootball DepthEst. Weight
Colorado Blue Spruce6-7 ft2.0-3.0″32″15.5″600 lbs
8-9 ft3.0-4.0″36-40″19.5-21.5″850 lbs
10-11 ft4.0-4.5″42″19.5″950 lbs
Caragana Shrubs6-8 ft18-24″12-15.5″250-300 lbs
Lilacs (Common)3-4ft18-24″12-15.5″25-300 lbs
Buffaloberry5-8ft18-24″12-15.5″25-300 lbs



Shipping and Handling

As part of your purchase price, trees and shrubs will be loaded onto your truck or trailer at our tree farm which is located at 721 Hwy 294, Powell, WY 82435.  (See home page for directions to loading area.)

Here are some tips to help you plan.

Make sure that you know the weight capacity for your trailer. Refer to the weights provided on our specifications chart to calculate how many trees/shrubs you can haul in one trip. Make sure the tires are inflated to correct pressure. On most trailers, there is only room for two rows if the root balls are 36” and bigger.

The branches of your trees will be tied up to allow easier handling & protection. Trees will transport best if they are leaned at a 45-60 degree angle toward the rear of your trailer. Padded sawhorses or stacks of hay bales work well.

Tarps help to protect your purchase & help you travel down the highway more smoothly.

Shipping Alternatives

We can attempt to arrange for a commercial carrier to pick up and deliver your trees. If the carrier is from Park County, they may borrow our heavy-duty mesh tarps designed specifically for the transport of trees.

Staff at Pineco Trees may be able to deliver your trees, depending on timing and distance. Please contact us regarding availability and quote.

You will need equipment such as a skid-steer, tractor, or forklift to unload your purchases. It is most efficient to have the planting holes dug in advance. That will allow you to move each item from the trailer directly to the planting hole. If trees cannot be planted immediately, store them in the shade and cover root balls with mulch. Lightly water them regularly to make sure the root balls stay moist (but not soggy/squishy.) The branches should not be left tied up for more than 1-2 weeks.

Terms & Conditions

Prices quoted are in U.S. dollars, FOB Powell, WY and are subject to change if more than 30 days have passed. Once orders have been approved and dug, we cannot accept cancellations. Orders are accepted subject to plant availability at time of order. Sales taxes will be collected on items not for resale. Orders picked up at the tree farm will have Park County’s 4% sales tax added. If trees are delivered, sales tax will be based on the tax rate of the destination.

All shipments travel at purchaser’s risk from the time they are loaded on to the truck/trailer. This includes shifting, wind, tarp damage, etc.

Pineco Trees, LLC does not provide any warranty expressed or implied as to the tree performance after stock leaves the nursery as they are a living organism and require proper care and maintenance which is beyond our control.

Orders exceeding $3,000 will require a 50% down payment at the time of order. Payment in full must be made at the time of pick-up or delivery. Payments must be cash, check, or money order.

1.5% per month Service Charge will be applied to all past due accounts. Customer will be responsible for all legal and other costs associated with the collection of past due accounts.

All legal proceedings will take place in Park County, Wyoming.

By way of placing an order, purchaser agrees to these terms and conditions.