• Select Grade is a nicely shaped tree, even all around, and suitable as a specimen tree in any yard. Limited Availability on this grade.
  • Common Grade is a tree that’s nicely shaped on three sides but is a little less full and may have a narrower fourth side due to crowding. If that fourth side doesn’t matter on your particular site, your budget can stretch a lot farther by choosing this grade.
  • Conservation Grade is a healthy tree that has need of a 1-3 year pruning process to improve its shape. These can be great for windbreaks and forest-like groupings.

We welcome you to come out and look at our trees from March to October.

Contact us at (307)754-9140 or to set up a time.

Most Customers pick up their trees at the farm, but delivery options can be provided upon request.  Quotes for delivery and planting will be available once distance and conditions have been determined.